Digital storytelling with the Royal Air Force

The best storytelling in communications becomes quickly diluted if the telling isn’t done by real people, in a style that suits them. Real people talking about their work on their own channels brings a level of authenticity and credibility that cannot be achieved on corporate channels.

We’ve worked with the Royal Air Force (RAF) to:

  1. identify and recruit personnel who are already using social media well, to talk about their work in a personal, professional manner
  2. run workshops and remote support to bring these people into a special network of RAF Storytellers
  3. ensure that Storytellers receive the highest level support and are integral to communications planning

The first cohort got to work straight away, showing what it’s like to:


Project Outcomes

  • A diverse cohort of 25 Storytellers (and counting), spanning different ranks, jobs and locations
  • Senior support for social media advocacy
  • Storytellers have led takeovers of RAF social channels, answering more than 400 questions about life in the RAF, from the public and their colleagues
  • Positive media stories in national news picked up from Storytellers’ posts


How could we help you?

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