Tim Lloyd

Strategy & Client Service Director

Tim helps design and deliver digital capability programmes for our clients. He also helps to develop the scope and purpose of our business.

Tim is a digital engagement specialist, with 18 years’ experience. He has a strong record of building digital capability in large and complex organisations. He has proven success in getting buy-in from senior leadership teams. And he has a flair for designing engaging, hands-on workshops.

Tim takes time to listen to the needs of individual clients. He believes in digital skills as a way to create happier workplaces and better experiences for customers.

At Helpful, Tim works across a wide range of clients: from the UK Government Communications Service and National Cyber Security Centre, to ExxonMobil, Rolls Royce and the RAF.

Recent projects at Helpful include:

  • building global communications teams’ confidence to respond to crises in the oil industry
  • co-producing practical digital strategies with regulatory bodies
  • training public sector communications teams in digital engagement

When he’s not running or cycling, he loves fixing old lawnmowers, bikes and cars. His neighbours aren’t so keen on that.

He blogs at timolloyd.com and tweets as @timolloyd.