Tim Lloyd

Managing Director

[email protected]

Tim is Managing Director and co-owner of the Helpful Digital Group.

He is a digital engagement specialist with a flair for designing engaging, hands-on workshops.

Tim takes time to listen to the needs of individual clients. He believes in digital skills as a way to create happier workplaces and better experiences for customers. 

He also believes all organisations should be using the web for greater accountability – and doing so with a human voice.

Tim designs and delivers digital capability programmes for our clients and actively develops the scope and purpose of our business in accordance with developing clients’ needs.

With 18 years experience in the digital and crisis communications sector, he has a strong record of building digital capability in large and complex organisations, including the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and Dept. of Health and Social Care. 

Tim has a background in journalism, business and customer publishing. 

Tim’s digital interests and specialisms include:

  • Social media reviews and team planning
  • Community management
  • Skills audits
  • Coaching leadership teams

Tim’s featured projects:

  • Digital storytelling with the Royal Air Force
  • Social media training programs for energy and technology clients
  • Crisis simulation exercises to prepare operations and communications teams at Expo2020 Dubai