Tallie Proud

Senior Consultant


As Senior Consultant, Tallie helps to build digital confidence with clients through training, crisis simulations and advising digital teams on strategy.

Tallie has come from nearly 6 years in the award-winning Digital Team at the Church of England where she was involved in graphic design, web development, social media strategy, campaigns, training and more.

Tallie has a degree in Photography from the University for the Creative Arts and enjoys taking her camera out on trips to stately homes, castles and gardens.

In her spare time, Tallie likes to write, sew and watch tv (especially her favourite show, The West Wing). Her weaknesses included a bar of chocolate and a good gin.

Passing on her knowledge of digital and social media is important to Tallie and she regularly shares digital advice and tips on her blog, tallieproud.com.

Tallie’s digital interests and specialisms include:

  • Photography and graphic design
  • Developing social media strategies
  • Channel reviews
  • Social media analytics