Preparing sports venues to host the Cricket World Cup

Over the last couple of years, we’ve worked with the England & Wales Cricket Board to test and improve the organisation’s crisis readiness, and support the grounds hosting Cricket World Cup matches to prepare.

We designed and facilitated a full day practical session working through a range of escalating customer service and crisis scenarios with an online and offline dimension, including spectator injuries, food contamination, allegations of abuse and terrorism.

Our Crisis90 workshop format helped bring each scenario to life through emails, media reports, social media posts and voicemails, with the participants tasked to respond both strategically and tactically in line with their crisis protocols. At each stage, the groups shared their approaches and discussed good practice.

We also ran a half-day Social Simulator session to put highly-realistic pressure on the teams to work with roleplayed Safety Officers, emergency responders and media to manage public communication around a major incident.

This project was delivered with our partners, Rubicon Resilience.