Designing and delivering a scalable international validation

Training for a confident, consistent crisis response across multiple countries

One of the world’s largest health and beauty brands wanted to ensure that their senior management teams could respond effectively to an escalating crisis. We already train their communications teams, but the purpose of this project is to give senior managers first hand experience of a crisis.

We developed a training course covering crisis response and media training, based on a realistic and challenging scenario. Six sessions were delivered remotely with participants able to take part from either their office or home.

The objectives of each session were:

  • Ensure consistency of crisis response across different territories
  • Practice responding in line with corporate plans and processes
  • Test teams abilities to work together via video calls with colleagues based in a variety of locations
  • Build capability among senior managers

Project Outcomes

  • Senior management teams are more confident in their ability to respond to a crisis, and to do so from wherever they and their support staff are located
  • Communications leads feel senior managers from across the business better understand how a crisis develops and escalates online. This understanding will make the process of responding to any future incidents more collaborative
  • Gaps identified in response processes with plans made to address issues uncovered
  • Suggestions noted for improving preparedness for possible issues and incidents
  • All teams have had the same opportunity to rehearse their crisis response with a realistic scenario tailored to their country or territory


Thanks for the whole training which was very insightful, practical and fun!

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