Dan Pollard

Platform Manager

[email protected]

Dan is our Platform Manager.

He is responsible for the technical setup of our crisis simulation platforms, designs simulation media and supports our clients through their crisis exercises. 

He believes providing friendly, reliable first line support before and during simulation and training exercises is key to a successful and realistic learning experience.

Always looking for ways to innovate, Dan takes the initiative to improve our tech, and has created effective procedures to stream-line our platform management processes, meaning we can get you up and running even sooner.

Dan has spent over a decade developing user-friendly, business-critical web applications and supporting clients worldwide. Roles include Product Owner at the International Student Identity Card in Amsterdam, where he designed and supported a web platform used by 3000+ international users. 

Dan is fluent in Dutch, has a good understanding of Korean, Spanish and German, and uses his first-hand knowledge of languages and international working cultures to ensure the simulations and crisis content are accessible, accurate and culturally appropriate.

Dan studied Business Information Systems (BSc Hons) at the Anglia Ruskin University.

Dan’s digital interests and specialisms include:

  • True localisation to provide honest and authentic digital experiences
  • User-centric design that produces simple-to-use applications
  • Thorough software quality assurance
  • Grass-roots user support

Dan’s featured projects:

  • Monthly validation exercises for two of the world’s largest energy companies
  • Simulation and war game management for the US National Defense University