Social media skills for defence communications

The client, a national defence department, recognised the importance of good digital knowledge and skills within its 30-strong communications team based across the UK. 

As part of a wider digital review, the client wanted training for their corporate and embedded comms officers. The training would allow them to produce high-quality content for web and social and would complement the strategy development work happening at the same time. 

We began the project by looking at their user needs and identifying the key topics that would be most relevant and effective for their staff. 

Training topics included:

  • How to stay safe and compliant online
  • Where to find digital inspiration
  • How to stay on top of the changing digital landscape
  • How to create good content, including photo and video, on smartphones
  • Understanding social media algorithms
  • Handling social media channels in an emergency. 

With the training content identified we:

  • Built and personalised a Digital Action Plan for their customised training content
  • Facilitated a two-hour workshop for users to launch their training. Participants completed two of the modules, kickstarting their training. 
  • Provided support and encouragement via the DAP discuss section and with regular emails. The team were on hand throughout the training for any questions participants might have. 


Project Outcomes

The learning was delivered remotely, in bite-size modules, that allowed participants to complete the training in 4-6 hours, fitting in around their busy schedules.

Over the course of the project, participants completed a series of practical tasks to prove that they had put theory into practice. For example, submitting new content they had created, or examples of social media plans.

How could we help you?

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