Digital Action Plan

Helping teams develop the skills and confidence to get the most out of digital

People develop their skills by learning and doing. We take the best of offline workshops and personal coaching, and combine it with online active learning tailored to the needs of each participant.

Finding time for learning is one of the greatest challenges to development. We’ve iterated and improved our Action Plan over the last five years based on training thousands of people in different teams.

  • It’s simple and tailored: each plan gives the participant a manageable set of questions to explore, relevant to their needs with human support and encouragement as well intelligent nudges and badges as they progress
  • It’s not passive e-learning: Digital Action Plans are for learners who want to explore and practise using real world tools, and share their discoveries with their peers and colleagues
  • It’s bitesize and task-based: participants can read, watch, try and reflect on new ideas whether they have 10 minutes or an hour to spare, and whether they’re in an office on good wifi or on the flaky data connection on the train

Our Action Plan teams come from public, private and third sectors, and represent all levels of their organisation. We have:

  • helped front line staff to develop online monitoring skills and respond to customer’s questions appropriatel
  • taught diplomats to engage online across channels such as Twitter and blogging
  • inspired employees on fast-stream programmes to think more creatively about analytics
  • brought directors and operational staff together, to review and improve online content

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Find out more

We're happy to chat informally about how we approach this kind of work, ballpark budgets and timescales - or just to help you refine your brief:

  • Bite-sized digital communications skills
  • Tailored diagnostic & content
  • Practical learning-by-doing
  • Expert, human coaching and support
  • Scales up to global teams of hundreds or thousands of learners

Diagnostics & workshops

We help identify what’s working well and where the challenges lie for teams and individuals. We can onboard teams face to face in engaging workshops, or via self-service online. Learners can follow mandatory modules you define, and select relevant topics of interest from content that's tailored to your organisation.

Personalised plans

Learning is centred around tasks to explore and tasks to complete - with access to expert mentoring to gain confidence and experience using digital if needed. As learners complete tasks, they earn badges on their Plan. Go off the grid for a few weeks? The Action Plan will gently nudge them by email to check back in.

Learning community

Our Action Plans aren’t boring e-learning. They’re about communities exploring questions together, with the help of supportive, human coaches and mentors, and scope to explore and try out new skills and ideas in the real world. Our Discuss space encourages learners to share what they’ve been working on with each other, to get feedback and support.

Tracking progress

You can track your team's progress at a glance from the management dashboard, and see who's completed what and how much time they've been investing in their learning - and send individual encouragement, feedback and nudges to keep things on course.

Certified learning

From their Plan, participants can download their tasks and content to keep at any time, and access their certificate when they complete the program.

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