Innovation and recruitment in national defence

The scale of infrastructure behind military organisations can be hard to comprehend. So it’s really hard for communicators in defence to explain everything they do on social channels, with sensitivity and relevance. 

People will always like and share images of exciting aircraft, ships and tanks. But how can social be put to work; to recruit suppliers, keep people safe or explain what’s happening behind the security fencing?

Our client is a 30-strong communications team based across the UK. They challenged us to:

  • evaluate their existing activity
  • identify an audience and purpose for each channel
  • run user testing with their existing audience
  • benchmark their work against best practice from competing organisations

We had to quickly iterate this project to reflect wider changes to social platforms and changes to internal social media policy. Our evaluation uncovered some hidden gems, including an underutilised blog that does a great job of illustrating their priorities. We compared hard data with user feedback, leading to some challenging conclusions about high performing content. 

(Image provided by licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0)

Project Outcomes

  • challenged assumptions about high performing content and channels
  • brought user needs into social media planning
  • delivered a set of practical recommendations for quickly improving activity


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