Helping global PR and comms graduates put theory into practice

Cardiff University wanted to test the abilities of their MA International Public Relations and Global Comms Management students.

We delivered an annual two-hour workshop for their MA students, which tests their knowledge of communications in an unfolding crisis. Working in small teams, students are tasked with running the corporate communications function of a fictional business.

They are responsible for handling:

  • questions from media
  • fake news
  • customer service enquiries
  • eyewitness reports
  • reputational damage and repair

The training helps students to understand how to communicate to stakeholders in a crisis, how to scenario plan and practise coordinating a response on social media.

The workshop includes best practise and theory on handling a crisis on social media, to help prep students for the next stage in their careers.

Students participate from all over the world using our Crisis90 platform in their browsers.

Project Outcomes

The feedback we received on the workshop included:

“The experience gave me a great insight into a real-life crisis. I think they did a great job in simulating the crisis online. I also think it was actually better to attend the workshop online as the crisis happened online and it gave us the opportunity to adapt to working in a digital team. I would highly recommend taking part in this workshop as a student as it will prepare you for a possible real-life scenario”

“This experience is a great integration of theory and practice. It’s always vital to be able to get into the situational mindset, to help make sense of abstract theories. This simulation connects those dots!”

“I really enjoyed the crisis comms workshop, it was very engaging and provided great insights.”


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