Julie Jourcin

Former Senior Consultant

[email protected]

As a Senior Consultant, Julie helped clients build digital confidence through training and crisis simulations.

Julie has a dual degree in Risk Communications and Political Affairs from CELSA Paris-Sorbonne and Sciences Po Lyon. She strongly believes in the importance of training and anticipation when it comes to crisis communication. That is why she is always on the lookout for the latest crisis trends that could inspire organisations.

Before joining Helpful, Julie worked in the crisis communication team of SNCF, the national railway company in France, and constantly in the media spotlight. Her experience working with one of France’s iconic domestic brands convinced her that training on worst-case scenarios can be an excellent means for teams to gain confidence.

Julie is a French native-speaker who likes to claim her Frenchness by being the only one in the office drinking milk-free tea. Her special skill is to know every Friends episode by heart.

Julie left Helpful Digital in 2021