Helping a small safeguarding charity to build a workable crisis plan

An independent charity responsible for leading research into child sexual abuse were looking to strengthen their crisis communications plan. As a small organization based remotely across the UK, they wanted to build a response process which was easy to follow and adaptable depending on resources.

We worked with the Leadership Team to develop their existing plan by adapting their mobilisation and escalation process, giving them clear checklists to follow, and developing useful crisis templates. We then held an interactive workshop to test the plan against several realistic scenarios. 

This workshop was held remotely with the Crisis Management Team using video conferencing, our innovative Crisis 90 platform, and open-source documents. The workshop helped to expose those parts of the plan which needed adapting for real-life situations and where there were potential gaps in the centre’s procedures. 

Project Outcomes

Following the session, the team left with a tailored and workable crisis plan, actions for tightening up their processes, and the confidence that they could respond effectively to a crisis.

“The use of different platforms and mix of interactive and talking through was really good.”

“Clear research into us as an organisation and the specific issues we face.”

How could we help you?

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