Engaging osteopaths online with professional standards

The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) regulates osteopathy in the UK. All osteopaths must be registered with GOsC by law, in order to practice.

We initially worked with GOsC on a consultation for their standards of practice. We built a simple consultation website to host the standards which allowed users to leave feedback. GOsC made iterations to the standards based on user feedback.

In 2018 we worked with GOsC on a scoping project to understand how well user needs are being met. This included the main osteopathy.org.uk website, plus the standards of practice and continuing professional development (CPD) microsites.

We facilitated a workshop with 20 internal stakeholders to discuss existing analytics, user types, user journeys, technical constraints and organisational goals. We created a prototype for our proposed new approach and conducted usability testing with a selection of key user types. The GOsC team observed the testing. We analysed the feedback and produced a report identifying quick wins and improvements to the estate.

Project Outcomes

After the thorough discovery phase we were commissioned to launch the online versions of the GOsC’s standards of practice and CPD sites.

We applied a new harmonised template to both the standards and CPD sites, improving the consistency between the two. The aim of the digital version is to give easy access to the standards and guidance on a variety of devices.

Using a simple content picker, GOsC editors are able to show related case studies and resources relating to each standard.

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