The next stage for Helpful

Helpful’s story so far is all about big leaps: big new projects, new products, new countries and most importantly new people. All of these leaps have had a significant and positive impact on the business beyond revenue: our attitude, capability, scope and client base.

This month we’re making our biggest leap yet. The source of Helpful’s creative vision and the person who’s sacrificed the most, Steph, hands over the reins to the rest of the team and I.

If we already work for you, it won’t feel like much of a change. We’re not rebranding or stopping anything that we already do.

But we do have some very ambitious plans:

  • We’ll be significantly growing the volume and depth of our work with international clients.
  • We’re recruiting a larger team with new and critical roles, to help us grow faster.
  • You’ll see a new version of our market-leading Social Simulator before the end of this year.
  • This, combined with more flexible training and coaching will help us continue Building Confidence in a Digital World.

These plans are ambitious partly out of necessity – we now have shareholders to look after – but in the main they’re borne out of renewed focus and massive amounts of energy following a stop/start year of COVID.

My decision to make an even greater commitment to Helpful is made entirely easier by working with a fantastic team. I have a co-owner in Chris Malpass and I can’t think of anyone with whom I’d rather be in business. Then there’s the wisdom, genius and kindness of Phil Banks. And the creativity, energy and experience of Julie, Tallie, Kate and Alasdair.

The fact that ‘Helpful 2.0’ is off to such a great start is testament to Steph’s founding vision and commitment, which brought us to this point.

We’ve always had a pretty open culture in terms of how we run the business and share our knowledge. This won’t change. We’ll continue to seek feedback from clients, suppliers and observers alike: come and talk to us.

Thank you to the team and their families for getting behind this next stage in the business’s growth. Thank you to our backers. And thank you to our clients and all those who continue to recommend and endorse our work.

Here’s to an exciting next stage in Helpful’s story.