Tax and financial disclosure

Fair Tax Mark Statement for Helpful Simulator Group – June 2023

This Statement of Fair Tax Compliance 2022-23 was compiled in partnership with the Fair Tax Mark and certifies that the Group meets the standards and requirements of the Fair Tax Mark’s UK-based Multinational Business Standard.

The Group aims to pay its fair share of tax and to do so within the spirit of the law. The Group believes it is fair to mitigate its tax in a fair way using generally available reliefs, but without using aggressive tax avoidance schemes.

The Group commits to the following:

  • paying the right amount of tax in accordance with relevant statute and case law;
  • pay tax and make all returns on a timely basis, across all taxes;
  • aims to have a good working relationship with HMRC;
  • seek to declare profits in the place where their economic substance arises;
  • not use aggressive tax planning or enter into complicated tax avoidance schemes; and
  • not use tax havens for tax avoidance purposes or inappropriately shift profits between tax jurisdictions.

Our position on tax

We are committed to paying all the taxes that we owe in accordance with the spirit of all tax laws that apply to our operations. We believe that paying our taxes in this way is the clearest indication we can give of our being responsible participants in society.

We first achieved Fair Tax accreditation in 2015.

We will fulfil our commitment to paying the appropriate taxes that we owe by seeking to pay the right amount of tax (but no more), at the right rate, in the right place and at the right time. We aim to do this by ensuring that we report our tax affairs in ways that reflect the economic reality of the transactions we actually undertake in the course of our trade.

What we will not ever do is seek to use those options made available in tax law or the allowances and reliefs that it provides in ways that are contrary to the spirit of the law. Nor will we undertake specific transactions with the sole or main aim of securing tax advantages that would otherwise not be available to us based on the reality of the trade that we undertake. As a result the company will never undertake transactions that would require notification to HM Revenue & Customs under the Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes Regulations or participate in any arrangement to which it might be reasonable anticipated that the UK’s General Anti-Abuse Rule might apply.

We believe tax havens undermine the UK’s tax system. As a result whilst we will trade with customers and suppliers genuinely located in places considered to be tax havens we will not make use of those places to secure a tax advantage, and nor will we take advantage of the secrecy that many such jurisdictions provide for transactions recorded within them.

Our accounts will be prepared in compliance with this policy and will seek to provide all that information that users, including HM Revenue & Customs, might need to properly appraise our tax position. We will review this policy with our accountants annually to ensure that it is complied with.

Company accounts and tax returns (Helpful Technology Ltd)

Notes on our accounts and tax

  • For clarity, our ‘Plant and Machinery’ investment detailed in our annual accounts is principally comprised of computer hardware used by the team: laptops, screens, printers and associated equipment. In general, we host websites via (Fair Tax accredited) Bytemark Hosting in York, and rent managed web servers from them
  • Like many small firms, our directors take the majority of their remuneration as dividends rather than salary
  • Deferred taxation has not been provided for in our accounts as it would be immaterial to make provision in the opinion of the directors. as the sums involved are so small