Reclaim Social

2020 is the third year of Reclaim Social. Celebrated on February 6th #ReclaimSocial highlights the positive side of social media. We’re delighted to support this campaign and wanted to share some of our favourite, positive uses of social media.

There are many many examples of the power of social media to connect people who might otherwise struggle to get in touch. We loved this story that started with a tweet from Rowan’s Hospice, which reached Bob Iger, and meant a terminally ill Star Wars fan was able to see The Rise of Skywalker before he died.

Tweet from RowansHospice seeking help for a patient

Day to day the emergency services and their partners share vital safety information on Facebook and other social media channels; police forces successfully harness the power of sharing to boost their appeals for information and to find missing people. In a crisis social media accounts can become key sources of information. Derbyshire Constabulary and partners used their accounts well during the Whaley Bridge evacuation last summer.

Screenshot of Facebook post


Local residents were able to show their support in person and share more widely on social media.

Tweet from SallyMa13559126 about feeding the 'Whaley Bridge Heroes'

Twitter is well used to share news and information in a crisis but it also supports rescue efforts and allows strangers to connect and offer help, including the use of #opendoor by those offering shelter to people affected by an incident.

For the last few years the #JoinIn campaign, supported by comedian Sarah Millican, has helped people faced with spending Christmas Day alone to find company.


Charities now see social media as an integral part of their work. They use their online channels for awareness-raising, campaigning and fundraising. Crowd-sourced user-generated content works well to support their mission, including engaging posts like this one.

Screenshot of Instagram post

Social media is also a fantastic place for peer support and ideas. From Facebook groups for like-minded professionals to share their knowledge and sometimes frustrations, to Twitter lists of useful accounts. We also like Week Notes and find real value in people working out loud and supporting each other, being open about what they are working on and how it’s going.

We’re always on the look out for good uses of social media and love sharing them too. Each month we round up the interesting links and resources we’ve spotted. You can read them here. If you notice any you think we should share please let us know.