Photography and video skills for government media officers

Digital skills are essential for all communicators. Digital skills enable media and press officers to be more responsive and better support announcements and visits.

The media team of a major UK government department were keen to produce more content themselves, but weren’t confident in their ability to produce high-quality photos and video for social.

They also wanted to know how they should be writing for social.

We developed a half-day training workshop for media officers. Armed with their own phones, some London locations and our guidance they:

  • Took photos using their smartphone in different lighting conditions
  • Drafted appropriate and engaging social media copy, reducing press releases down to the most important information 
  • Shot and edited video quickly, easily and on mobile

We also published a ready reference guide for them to take away.

Project Outcomes

  • Media officers have begun to produce visual content 
  • Re-runs of the workshop for more staff 
  • Significant time savings for the digital team, who can now focus on other areas of work 

How could we help you?

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