Five tips for better corporate blogs

Corporate blogs are a strange place. Often a neat aggregation of the different things an organisation does, rarely personal and hard work to maintain and promote.

T shirt says I'm totally blogging this

Generally, these days, I encourage organisations to avoid launching corporate blogs. Far more interesting and credible are proper blogs, written first-hand, by staff on their own channels. Staff who want to blog, not because they think they should.

However, many of you will have inherited a corporate blog, or be expected to contribute to one, because that’s the way it is.

Some are awful and not really blogs. Others are interesting for a mooch around.

Here’s a few ideas to make your corporate blogging a bit different:

  1. First off, re-post your blog in a couple of different places, including your LinkedIn profile. Not a link back to the corporate blog, but a dedicated post using LinkedIn Pulse. All the teams we work with are say that staff posting their own blogs to Pulse are enjoying a much greater number of views and comments. That’s my experience too.
  2. For more technical or academic posts it would be worth re-posting these on The Conversation.
  3. Move away from report-style posts and congratulation pieces, to more specific, personal angles. What’s the author learned or experienced lately? Do they have a favourite source of inspiration or a tip to share?
  4. Is there a quirky angle or piece of trivia related to your story that will hook a reader’s interest? The history of names, buildings, or a behind the scenes perspective is what drives popular daily reads like Mental Floss.
  5. Ask yourself – is the contributor cut out for writing? If not perhaps they should say what they need to say in a short film? Blog posts don’t have to be text (but don’t forget to include some captions or a summary of the film).


Image courtesy of under licence CC BY 2.0