Supporting an Austrian agency to train PR and media students 

Supporting an Austrian agency to train PR and media students 
University of Applied Sciences in Vienna

We worked with a local partner agency, Gaisberg Consulting, to test the abilities of students on the Digitization, Politics and Communication Master’s course at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna.

We helped to prepare and support delivery of a three-hour workshop using our Crisis90 platform. The session, which used our off-the-shelf cyber scenario, tested the students’ communications and strategic skills. Working in small teams, students ran the corporate communications function of a fictional business and managed the organisation’s response to an unfolding data leak. The exercise was conducted in German and our local agency partner delivered the session with our support.

The scenario challenged the students on a variety of tasks including:

  • Providing statements for local and national media
  • Rebutting fake news
  • Managing a live social media feed
  • Organising a press conference

Project Outcomes

Verena Nowotny, partner at Gaisberg Consulting who facilitated the workshop:

“The Crisis90 platform is easy to use, so students can focus on the task at hand. The time pressure helps to simulate a real life crisis – it is a great learning experience!”

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