Helpful Links: June

Recently we have:

  • Worked in partnership with 10-8 Comms and PIO Toolkit to run a two day table top exercise for New York State Homeland Security and their partners. 
  • Delivered a series of Crisis 90 training workshops for MBA students at a UK university. We had some excellent feedback but our favourite was

    “There were parts that were so realistic I was freaked out..

  • Published a guide to deciding whether your organisation needs to be on the latest digital channel

Our latest round up of Helpful Links follows:

Crisis and dealing with misinformation

Pinterest has outlined its latest content removal efforts. The third highest category of content removed is conspiracy theories, civic misinformation is another listed category. 

#FactCheckYourFeed is TikTok’s campaign to encourage critical thinking from its users.  

Over on Facebook, individuals are taking on the role of tackling misinformation via decoy groups

Following the Colonial pipeline cyber attack in the US, pipeline operators will be required to designate a cybersecurity coordinator to be available 24/7

The UK Government’s emergency alert system has now reached testing stage, ahead of launch in the summer.

We’re very much in favour of testing to mitigate the impact of potential crises, but it needs to be done carefully. West Midlands Trains recent phishing test generated lots of negative press and social media interest. 

Setting up good search parameters is useful day to day, and in a crisis. This is a pretty good post on search techniques and going beyond just looking at mentions or a hashtag. 

Edelman have published their latest Trust barometer report. It confirms business as the most trusted institution, widening its lead over government. Nearly 8 in 10 employees also now expect their organisation to act on societal issues.

Good Digital Comms

When large organisations allow staff to represent them on social media, it can have huge benefits. This is excellent content from a local Marks and Spencer account, really creative and engaging.

Kathy Morten, an RAF Storytellers did this really nice thread on Twitter about why she joined the RAF and why she’s still there. 

Over on Instagram, the RAF did this great time lapse video



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Super bit of engagement from Volvo on Reddit here


Social Media News

Twitter Spaces are now available on desktop.

Clubhouse is offering funding to top creators. The list of finalists also shows the range of topics talked about on the platform.

Twitter is testing monetization tools.

Insights are now available for Instagram Reels and Live.

LinkedIn has increased advertising options on its platform making posts easier to boost

If you have any questions about any of these links or anything else digital please get in touch, we love to help.