How To Create A Social Media Response Chart

Someone has posted about your organisation on social media - now what? This is our Helpful Social Media Response Chart with a guide to responding to social media posts. Suitable for teams large and small.

We’ve created a template Social Media Response Chart in Miro. Navigate around the board below to help you and your team to respond to complaints, questions – and praise – on social media.

We often help clients create their social media playbooks and response processes.

We designed this example covering some of the key types of post you might come across on social and the outcomes you should consider.

Every organisation is different. This is a good starting point for anyone who wants to integrate social media engagement across customer service and communications.

We recommend responding to any messages, posts you are tagged in, or relevant posts you find through social media searches. It sounds time consuming, but having a good process in place will save you time in the long run.

A social media response chart allows you to share the responsibility across your team and other teams, ensure consistency, and helps prevent minor complaints escalating into bigger issues.

A response process will also help you manage periods of high demand.

There will be lots of variations depending on your business.  You may need to involve

  • legal
  • senior management
  • operations
  • digital
  • or perhaps human resources

There’s no time like the present to get started. Don’t wait until a crisis hits to try to set out a social media response process. It’s much easier to have something that’s already agreed, tried and tested, and can be adapted to suit the situation.

We can share the template with you so that you can create your own version.

How could we help you?

To talk through the process of responding online day to day or in a crisis, or if you want an editable copy of this chart?  Email [email protected]