What did the Helpful team learn in 2018?

We’ve been taking stock of a big year for the Helpful team, in our 2018 Story. We’ve grown in numbers and scale (not least with the new team in the US!) but also in ambition and sophistication.

It’s encouraging to see some pretty honest reflections from the team about the things we’ve been sorting out this year in our firebreak, and also some of the resolutions people are making for next year around learning and keeping the advice we give client rooted in real-world experience.

The highlights are a mix of things we’ve launched and teams we’ve trained, but they’re not all the biggest or most high-profile things we’ve worked on by any means. For most of us I think, we get at least as much from seeing small, brave teams working with us to go beyond their comfort zone, or tackle the fundamentals of skills or content which don’t necessarily deliver a shiny new digital product.

That’s the big plan for 2019 for me. We’re going to keep trying to build that confidence among people we work with to try new things, engage audiences online and test ideas with users – in the knowledge that the feedback won’t always be easy to hear but that’s what makes digital engagement valuable.

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