Being a Helpful Associate

The work we deliver at Helpful is all about helping our clients to ‘do’ their own communications – whether that’s rehearsing their crisis plans, or helping leaders or frontline staff to incorporate social media into their professional work.

We deliver many of our projects using our own team, but we also draw on a small network of trusted associates who bring extra skills and experience that help us achieve a better result for the client, and to give us more capacity when we are busy.

For example:

  • Content creators who can help bring a client’s campaign to life in social media
  • Journalists or writers who can help us play out a crisis scenario for an international client
  • Social media trainers or digital marketing/SEO specialists who can help coach a client’s team or complete a small consultancy assignment to help a client learn how to improve the effectiveness of their communication

What kind of work do Helpful associates do?

We run training and simulations in social media skills to help teams work together and communicate online effectively, even under hostile pressure. We help companies, not-for-profits and government agencies to use their corporate digital channels more strategically and purposefully. That might be to get public feedback, to amplify marketing campaigns or as part of day to day media and stakeholder relations in the modern, digital, world of public affairs.

Our associates get involved in all this work, from helping design and deliver training courses, to creating content for social channels or supporting our crisis training sessions as roleplayers, writers and actors. Project work tends to be ad hoc, so a typical associate engagement might be for a few days’ work around your other commitments, rather than a large block of time.

What kind of skills are we looking for?

Our projects require lots of different skills, most of which we have to some extent in our core team. But we particularly value the expertise of associates – based anywhere in the world – in terms of:

  • Social media strategy & management
  • Social media content creation
  • International corporate communication and social media (e.g. expertise working beyond Western European/North American markets)
  • Video production
  • Acting and voiceover work, in a range of formats from news bulletin to social/viral clips
  • Digital marketing, paid social and SEO
  • Crisis, emergency management and business continuity consultancy

What’s it like to be a Helpful associate?

Our associates tell us they enjoy working with our team, doing meaningful and interesting work for a wide range of clients. You can read some of their stories on this page.

We treat our associates with respect and really value the skills and experience you bring to projects. We also try not to mess you about: we pay invoices promptly with minimal fuss, and let you know when plans change as soon as we can.

Working with Helpful probably won’t be a whole job in itself for you, but it will represent some really creative, enjoyable assignments as part of your portfolio of work.

tallie standing in front of a camera

Howard Gossington, Content specialist & actor

Howard Gossington

“I love that Helpful projects always offer an opportunity for creativity – whether as a crisis exercise role-player or a content designer looking at better ways to present information online. It’s always gratifying to see how projects give clients the tools, skills and confidence to improve the way they work – and to see how clients react so positively time after time. The sheer variety of work means there’s always something new to learn.”

“I’ve always been impressed with the Helpful team’s ceaseless desire to help, support, encourage and inspire – and also to listen, reflect and continually learn and improve. Each team member has deep expertise and experience, yet is refreshingly down to earth. It’s a wonderfully ego-free office!”

Aliya Mughal, Journalist & writer

“Working alongside and as part of a team who clearly love what they do, and do it with skill and precision, always feels like a treat.”

“The fact that our collective efforts contribute towards a wider impact lends the work even more potency. And the collegial, consultative approach through which it all happens aligns neatly with my own ethos of skilful communication geared towards meaningful change. Plus it’s always fun to step back into the role of the journalist, or any number of other roles!”

“The people at Helpful are knowledgeable, reliable, supportive, calm and collected under pressure, great communicators from the lead up to a project all the way through – and always fun to work with.”

Claire Turner, Social media coach and trainer

Claire Turner

“I’ve been fortunate to work on a wide range of projects for Helpful and I love the variety. I’ve delivered crisis communications training to private and public sector organisations, carried out social media audits, been a role player in simulation exercises, and helped support clients on their Digital Action Plans.”

“It’s also a fantastic opportunity to work on bigger projects and be part of a team. I enjoy having the opportunity to  support a variety of clients – from small charities right through to global blue chip organisations. It’s a great learning experience and has helped me build my confidence, knowledge and skills.”

“As an associate you immediately feel like a valued member of the team. They’re a great bunch – knowledgeable, friendly and generous. It’s a really friendly, open environment with lots of focus on wellbeing and social interaction.”

George Williams, Video producer

George Williams

“I love working with the Helpful team. Over the last 6 years or so I’ve made dozens of video clips with and for Helpful and its clients. They are always a wonderful group of people to work with.”

“Some of our projects together have been very challenging and the Helpful team took on board my suggestions, making working in the field much easier.”

“They appreciate what I do and pass on feedback to me from their clients. I always feel included and part of the team – which is great seeing that we almost always work remotely.”

More details

  • Location: Flexible
  • Hours of work: Flexible
  • Contract term: Freelance
  • Closing date: Freelance as required

How to apply

Please send:

  • your CV
  • links to your portfolio/website
  • a covering email describing your experience and the kind of support you can offer

to [email protected]