Sean Jackson

Junior Platform Manager

[email protected]

Sean is a Junior Platform Manager.

Sean first joined the Helpful team as a Digital Account Intern, and discovered that he has a natural flair for content creation and platform management. 

Sean is passionate about incorporating the latest technology into simulation exercises, to match the ever-advancing challenges that companies face in a crisis. His focus is on constantly developing the Social Simulator platform to be as engaging and relevant as possible for clients from all sectors, and from comms teams to C-Suite.

Sean’s prior work in the restaurant industry, with first-hand experience of managing various crises sparked his interest in crisis management training and how businesses need to learn to communicate effectively online both during and outside of a crisis.

Sean’s digital interests include:

  • Content Creation, including video production
  • Business development & marketing
  • Crisis communication strategies 
  • Designing and developing social media strategies

Sean’s featured projects:

  • Audience engagement for Royal Air Force social media
  • Social media monitoring for a global beauty brand
  • Content creation and support for crises exercises