Leah Tedesco

Senior Consultant

[email protected]

Leah is a Senior Consultant. 

She helps design webinars, crisis preparedness training, and social media strategies in order to help clients build confidence in their digital presence.

Leah takes a human approach to social media strategy, working to understand broader communicative values and using that to inform how individuals treat social media.

Leah has an MA in Anthropology from the University of Virginia, focusing on how linguistic and communicative practices spread in online spaces.

She speaks Italian and Spanish.

Leah’s digital interests and specialisms include:

  • Designing and developing social media strategy
  • Niche social media platforms and communities
  • Digital semiotics
  • Understanding where digital trends and habits are moving

Leah’s featured projects:

  • Global social media training, channel auditing, and consulting for one of the world’s largest energy companies
  • Developing a crisis communications preparedness toolkit and trainings for the crisis management agency in a US major city
  • Developing and delivering a crisis simulation for a top US airline