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Helpful’s first firebreak: what we learned thumbnail image

Helpful’s first firebreak: what we learned

During June 2018, we had our first inspired ‘firebreak’, where we paused non-essential project work for 2-3 weeks so the build team could focus on their own individual projects; including researching new ideas & technologies, organising neglected repositories, remodelling dated templates and writing helpful guides and documentation. Urgent requests from clients were prioritised over […]

Nine things we learned at #CommsCamp thumbnail image

Nine things we learned at #CommsCamp

We like Commscamp. A couple of hundred interesting public sector comms people in a lovely rambling building by the Birmingham & Fazeley canal, run on traditional unconference principles: no fixed agenda before the day, anyone can pitch a 50 min session, and the “law of two feet” applies (i.e. if a session is boring you, […]

Happy Thanksgiving – Don’t burn your house down

A good example here from the States about the power of video. Here are two pieces of content that are part of campaign to encourage people to cook their turkey responsibly (without setting fire to the house!) at Thanksgiving. We don’t all have access to content quite as dramatic as this. But compare this tweet (image, […]

Can you put a value on your social media campaign? thumbnail image

Can you put a value on your social media campaign?

How can you determine the value of your social media campaign? Number of people reached, retweets and shares, likes and comments, website hits?  All useful and easy to measure but how about ‘identifying a new gene associated with a disease’? I was really excited to read the news from ALS that the money raised from […]

How do we evaluate learning new skills and growing confidence? thumbnail image

How do we evaluate learning new skills and growing confidence?

We’re often asked: how do you evaluate the Digital Action Plan? Quite rightly, clients want to know their learning budget is being put to good use. We don’t (yet) have a fancy evaluation framework, or a standard way of scoring people. This is because: this programme is about confidence as much as skills. Confidence is very […]

Make digital easier with these useful tools thumbnail image

Make digital easier with these useful tools

There’s always a new online tool to try, so it’s easy to forget about our favourites. Those are tools that make digital easier. I shared these with Action Plan participants last week, so thought I would post them here too, for easy reference. Write more clearly: Hemingway A second pair of eyes on your words, in seconds. […]

Testing… testing… thumbnail image

Testing… testing…

On the Digital Action Plan we like to challenge participants who are already confident producing content across a wide range of channels. One of the ways we do this is by asking them to test and improve their content. Here are a selection of examples which demonstrate the value of regular testing and improvement. Netflix: emotional […]

Be more bossy thumbnail image

Be more bossy

When we’re helping people think about their online communications, to sell products, services or spread information, one of the most common mistakes we see is a failure to include a call to action. On the web, everyone spends a lot of time worrying about what happens if something goes wrong. If your post upsets some people, […]