Our approach to projects

We’re firm believers in simple, clean websites based on a solid understanding of what the users need and how the site can be made intuitive and easy to run by the publishing team.

By developing and testing a prototype early on, you’ll be able to see what the site would look like and be part of the testing and iteration process, rather than being delivered a fixed end result which may not be what’s actually the best fit for your users.

We keep in touch through the project both by phone/email and using the web-based project management tool Trello, so you can see what’s being worked on and give feedback in context.

For each launch, typically, we work in four stages, drawing on a common process for iterative digital development:

1. Discovery: define the scope and structure of the site

  • Review any user insight you might hold to give us incite on how best to make the site work
  • Basic design concepts
  • Understand the scope of the functionality the site needs to support
  • Sign off on key page templates and agree site structure

2. Alpha: test the interfaces and technologies for the new site

  • Create the stylesheet, determining the look and feel
  • Develop a skeleton site to test structure and design
  • In-house qualitative testing and incorporate feedback in to the site build
  • Sign off on final site design and structure

3. Beta: scale up the content and functionality in the site

  • Complete work on functionality, building the site in the WordPress CMS
  • Content migration
  • Training of website editors
  • Sign off functionality

4. Live: launch and support ongoing use of the site

  • Further training
  • Testing and refinement
  • Final checks
  • Once signed off, put the site live