Developing crisis preparedness and social customer service

People expect more online these days, especially when resolving a problem or in the heat of a crisis.

Our Social Simulator is a hands-on, private digital environment that enables realistic and interactive simulations to help organisations protect their reputations online and enhance their digital crisis resilience.

We bring the challenge of crisis or customer service to life for larger groups with Crisis90, our facilitated workshop platform which sees teams work through scenarios competitively, comparing and contrasting their strategies and tactics to build awareness and teamworking.

Over the last eight years, we've trained thousands of people - from interns to chief executives - to dive into digital for themselves, and gain confidence communicating professionally so they're ready to engage, in good times or bad.

We help with:

  • understanding the role of digital in your organisation
  • planning guidance and roles for staff
  • helping make the most of a blog or social media channel
  • providing training and facilitating workshops for all levels of knowledge and confidence
  • stress testing and benchmarking the capability of your teams

Digital Action Plan

The Digital Action Plan is our straightforward, personalised roadmap to help teams develop the skills and confidence needed to get the most out of digital

Social Media Crisis Simulation

How would your team handle social media in a crisis? Our workshops and simulations give teams from novice to seasoned crisis responders the opportunity to practice their response in private

Mentoring & coaching

What's the role for a senior leader in supporting digital engagement across their organisation? We help teams and individuals up to board level to understand the landscape and develop the practical skills and approaches they need