Digital Action Plan: Impact

The Digital Action Plan equips people with the confidence and skills to use digital effectively. Here are some examples of the impact the Digital Action Plan is having.



Social media for customer service: read about our work with Essex County Council


What have I learned from doing the DAP? The answer is lots!
It’s caused me to reflect, change the lens through which I view my own and others SM posts and made me interact with content.
The DAP has taken me out of my comfort zone.

UK Civil Servant, August 2016


I so loved my digital action plan (even though I binged on it – sorry!) it really was a fantastic way to learn and the content was so relevant and interesting. Thank you.

– Deputy Director, UK regulatory agency, June 2016


I’m excited about digital now, rather than sceptical and scared.

I can now see it’s potential and how it can work for us. I liked the way the programme understood the limitations faced by Gov depts. And I found the one to one feedback even after the course really useful and very encouraging.

The content was very clear and useful. I would give Digital Action Plan and the team 10/10. Thank you.

– UK Civil Servant, May 2016