Managed WordPress hosting and support

We give you a friendly, UK-based support team of proactive humans to help your site grow and change.

We pride ourselves on offering a genuinely friendly, flexible and helpful managed hosting service. This  covers not just the basic hosting you’d get from a template-based site hosting service. It also includes  a UK-based, human support team proactively looking after the site and on-call to make changes when you need them.

Our team supports over 100 client site domains, keeping them running smoothly and securely. We step in to sort things out when problems occur. We’re also there to help with making small tweaks on request to ensure those websites adapt and improve as the needs of our clients and their users change over months and years.

Putting a post-launch support and maintenance arrangement in place entitles you to call on our team for minor changes, training queries or content support, under a service level agreement.

Sites hosted within our hosting environment benefit from our WordPress server hardening and monitoring, proactive management of security risks and abusive traffic, and server-level tools to identify potential vulnerabilities rapidly.

For most clients we provide managed hosting, maintenance and support. We manage maintenance of the server and WordPress application directly, using our own tried-and-tested configuration and deployment tools – which are security tested independently as part of our Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

We help with:

  • ensuring WordPress is maintained, updated and monitored
  • complementing the server monitoring and management services that you have in place with our own third-party alerts (Nagios, Pingdom) – so we know immediately when problems occur
  • maintaining security/resilience, including renewing SSL certificates (we use LetsEncrypt as standard)
  • ad hoc support with template changes, new/updated plugins and styling changes
  • content publishing support when needed
  • training and support for WordPress publishers

Our work