Digital skills training and coaching

We work with teams large and small, from interns to executives, to build their skills to communicate confidently online.

We’ve been training, coaching and strategising around digital engagement since 2010, to help teams develop the confidence to hold conversations online, as part of their corporate communications, campaigning and policymaking work.

We find out what is really holding back an organisation, and how to overcome fears and concerns whether at board level or among junior teams. Our most satisfying work is seeing organisations grow in confidence, engage with their audiences and go beyond broadcasting messages.

We have helped organisations to research their audiences online, plan engagement strategies, monitor and respond to online conversations. And we have the skills and infrastructure to help you deploy digital tools including blogs, social media and microsites to support engagement and consultation.

We help with:

  • researching your online audience
  • planning for engagement
  • preparing and publishing digital-friendly consultations and content
  • convening and facilitating online conversations
  • training and skills development for your team

Our work