Content design

We give your team the confidence to produce effective digital content that meets your organisation's and your users' needs.

Our projects put clear, trustworthy content at the heart of your strategy.

We use a number of straightforward analytical methods and research with users to identify:

  • how users use your content, and the potential problems they face
  • what users’ ‘mental model’ of the subject matter is
  • what search terms users are using to find this content
  • the most important questions that users need answered
  • any worries or fears that users have about taking the next step
  • improvements to the content structure that fits users’ mental model

From there, we can help audit, prioritise and improve content. But more importantly, we’ll help your publishers to do this for themselves so the site doesn’t get bogged down with badly-written material a few months later.

We help with:

  • user needs analysis
  • content audit
  • card-sorting (online or in person)
  • SEO analysis and support
  • style guide development
  • digital content strategy
  • writing for the web training
  • content workflow and governance

Content design coaching

We help you audit your existing website content, using data to focus on improving the most important content for users. We coach your team in web writing best practice. We help you set up an efficient workflow to ensure you can produce, approve and publish quality, timely content that’s consistent with your brand.

User-centred content process

We work with your team to identify and validate user needs, and get user insight on content structure and titles. We help you produce user ‘stories’ and ‘acceptance criteria’ to turn user needs into user-focused content prototypes. We guide you in running one-to-one user testing sessions to validate and make rapid improvements to content, ready for launch.

Priority content improvement

We focus on helping you quickly improve your most-viewed content. Our content designers will use writing for web best practice and user needs analysis to improve your site’s top 80% of pages by page view.

Our work