Tracking data on attitudes to Brexit for NatCen

What UK Thinks:EU gathers polling data on British attitudes to the EU leading up to the referendum, and since.

Through graphs and tables powered by Highcharts, the site enables users to explore polling data by topics. The latest voting intentions are available through a Poll of Polls. Expert commentary and analysis is provided by Professor Sir John Curtice and other political researchers

We worked closely with NatCen Social Research to understand their publishing needs and processes. We created custom WordPress fields that make it possible for editors to easily add new polling data to the site as it arrives.

Card sorting exercises helped us organise the huge amount of data into information that is easily navigable by users. Everyday users get a quick snapshot of the latest polls and experts to drill down into methodologies and question wordings. Feedback from usability testing meant we could iterate the layout of the graphs and charts on the site so they were easy to use.