Helping NHS patients find answers quickly with a mobile-first site

East Sussex Healthcare Trust (ESHT) is one of the largest Trusts in the country.

Its existing website was functional but outdated and difficult to maintain. A discovery phase helped us to understand users and their journeys. We audited content and reviewed analytics to understand user needs. We tested a new prototype with users including some who use assistive technology.

We built custom post types for their key content which allowed users to find the information they needed with ease. An updated look and feel included bright colours and clear lines. It helped convey ESHT as a friendly, modern and forward-thinking organisation.

Before the migration from a non-WordPress site, we worked with the ESHT team to perform a QA review of their content. We helped to create a consistent, friendly tone of voice. We ensured they were efficiently answering the key user queries and needs.

Core site templates and styles are responsive and meet WCAG 2.0 AA checkpoints including for colour contrast, text resize and line-length control. We are arranged independent accessibility testing and implemented recommendations on the live site iteratively.