Make digital easier with these useful tools

There’s always a new online tool to try, so it’s easy to forget about our favourites. Those are tools that make digital easier.

I shared these with Action Plan participants last week, so thought I would post them here too, for easy reference.

Hemingway tool has a rating dashboard to improve your writing

Write more clearly: Hemingway

A second pair of eyes on your words, in seconds. Just copy, paste and adjust accordingly.


Post more effective tweets: Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics is really good these days. If you’ve got an account, then use the analytics to talk to more people, and understand what works for your audience.


Find out who’s saying what on Twitter (without needing an account): Social Bearing

If you don’t have or don’t want a Twitter account, you can still get a feel for trends by using this slick dashboard.


Get social media alerts sent to your inbox: IFTTT

For inbox junkies who want to spend minimal time looking at social media feeds. Make your own recipes so that you get the updates you need to see.


None of these are new or sexy, but they all serve a useful purpose. Which are your favourites?