Helping teams to handle personal information with care

Helping teams to handle
personal information with care


The London Borough of Hackney (LBH) has developed a program of compulsory online training for staff, affiliated workers (such as health professionals and contractors), and volunteers.

The aim of this training is to provide a baseline level of knowledge in handling personal information safely, including the collection and management of data, as well as good practice for looking after phones, laptops and paper records.

The content of this training program is available for anyone to reuse, thanks to LBH.


Digital Action Plan

In addition to helping LBH create the content, we have structured the training around our Digital Action Plan learning platform.

This is a mobile-friendly, securely hosted platform that aims to challenge learners to demonstrate they have read and understood each key component of the program.

Learners can be assigned a range of different plans (left), each with a set of practical tasks for them to complete online (below).

Learning managers can monitor their colleagues’ progress and provide remote support if needed. An example of the managers’ dashboard is pictured at the bottom of this page.

The offer

Local authorities and other organisations who need a ready-to-go learning platform can build upon the content that LBH has made available.

This content can be used free of charge and published on your own learning platform or intranet.

It can also be used on the Digital Action Plan.

Helpful Digital can:

  1. Help to adapt LBH content to meet the needs of your organisation
  2. Provide a branded Digital Action Plan platform for your staff
  3. Host and maintain the platform


Fixed costs


Platform implementation (one off cost to set up, brand and on-board 1,000 learners to the Digital Action Plan) £3,850 + VAT

Monthly hosting, maintenance and up to 3 hours of technical support, per 1,000 staff: £400 + VAT


Additional/updated content development: £750 per day + VAT

Find out more

For London Borough of Hackney: Sarah Palmer-Edwards


For Helpful Digital (including a no-obligation demo of the Digital Action Plan if desired):
Tim Lloyd