Digital Engagement Game

digital engagement game

We’re big fans of this paper-based exercise to help groups new to social media to think through how and why they’d combine digital tools and content in order to meet a project brief.

The original inspiration was Beth Kanter and David Wilcox’s Social Media Game, which Dave Briggs improved and updated. Here’s how it works:

  1. Divide the room, typically into two or three groups of 5-8 people
  2. Give each group a flipchart with three headings on it, to act as the brief for the project. At this stage, don’t talk about how you’ll do this, just what it is that needs doing:
    1. Goals: (what the project needs to achieve)
    2. Audiences: (who the project needs to engage)
    3. Constraints: (what risks or barriers you need to work around)In the top right hand corner, draw a circle and ask teams to agree a number between 7 and 15 (but don’t tell them why)
  3. Share the team briefs with the room
  4. Give the teams a pack of Digital Engagement Game cards each (see below) and explain:
    1. There are three kinds of cards: tools (give examples), content (give examples) and activities (how tools are used and the prerequisites for success) – and there’s a joker ‘Something else’ card for something not listed on a card
    2. Each card has a number in the corner representing the ‘cost’ in terms of time, effort or financial investment to implement. Each team’s available budget… is written in the circles in the top right hand corners of their flipcharts (real-world budget setting is arbitrary, after all)
  5. Give the teams 10-15 minutes to pick their selection of cards within the agreed budget, then report back to the group on their choices (sometimes this debrief works best as a carousel session when groups move around the room to see each other’s selections)

Feel free to print your own set of cards from our deck and run sessions of your own. Good luck!