Supporting the best staff engagement in Whitehall

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The project brief was to enable the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) team to manage a task-based set of intranet content for their 400 staff, with design and style inspired by GOV.UK and the GDS design principles. The team wanted to use tagging and categorisation to group, surface and link content across different parts of the intranet. And they wanted to radically reduce the amount of content and simplify navigation and had done a lot of the information architecture work to achieve it.

We developed a WordPress theme and supporting plugins to achieve this task- and guide-oriented structure, ensuring it worked on mobile devices for remote workers, and was hosted securely with a failover/remote access server for business continuity.

It was great to work closely with our clients at DCMS to develop, test and iterate in short sprints of work, and the end result was highlighted by the Government Digital Service as an example of 'intranets done right', as well as being featured in the global Digital Workplace 24 event.

Luke has blogged more about the project:

Project details

Websites & intranets
Around 8 weeks
Helpful team
  • Luke Oatham
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