Book recommendation: InstHEgram

Digital skills building doesn’t always lend itself to books. If you want to learn something you’ll Google it, speak to colleagues, or seek out training if you want more depth and support.

Books have their place, but often for inspiration rather than practical learning.

Sometimes I’m proved wrong and this is one of those occasions. I stumbled across this guide to Instagram through the ever-brilliant Hacks and Hackers community.

Robyn Bateman has written a book for people working on university comms, who want to get started with, and develop, Instagram as a corporate channel. Although it’s marketed at university comms, I’d say 99% of the content translates well in to any sector.

Front cover of InsHEgram

What makes this book especially worthwhile is that it perfectly blends the practical:

  • setting up your account
  • scheduling posts
  • creating stories

with the realities of running a channel like this in a likely under-resourced team:

  • get your colleagues on board
  • blurring the boundaries between home and work

It’s nicely written, quick to read and there are gems in there for experienced Instagrammers as well as everything a newbie needs.

Download instHEgram.