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Helpful Technology Chromebook sitting on a desk next to a sign advertising our social media surgery at the Office of Rail and Road

Tips for running a successful social media surgery

11 Mar 2016 in Blog

On Tuesday afternoon, Tim (@timolloyd on Twitter) and I delivered some social media training for staff at the Office of Rail and Road (@railandroad on Twitter) in London. The training was made of up two parts: a lunchtime presentation by Tim on the characteristics of effective digital engagement followed by an informal ‘social media surgery’, which I […]

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Catherine Brown Food Standards Agency LinkedIn blog post

Adapting your online engagement to suit your audience

24 Feb 2016 in Blog

With the Digital Action Plan, we encourage participants to take the time to understand their audiences and to develop a well thought-through approach to online engagement that reflects the particular needs and expectations of different audiences. Recently, I’ve seen some good examples of Digital Action Plan participants successfully adapting their style of online engagement to […]

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#notwestminster local democracy workshop on supporting local councillors. Photo by Anthony Mckeown CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

How digital can support local democracy – reflections on #notwestminster 2016

16 Feb 2016 in Blog

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to get along to Huddersfield for #notwestminster, the second annual get together for everyone with an interest in improving local democracy. Through a combination of lightning talks and structured workshop sessions, we explored solutions to a wide range of problems facing local democracy – everything from how we provide […]

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Screenshot of Kevin McGurgan FCO Twitter account

Supporting authentic digital engagement

28 Jan 2016 in Blog

My role as product lead for the Digital Action Plan often involves working closely with senior civil servants to help them become more confident around digital engagement. I’d like to share with you what I have observed to be the main barriers to civil servants becoming authentic digital communicators and how we can overcome them.

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Participants using laptops at Digital Action Plan workshop

A year of learning

22 Dec 2015 in Blog

If 2014 was about first steps for the Digital Action Plan program, then 2015 has been a hop, skip and a jump. I think we have learned a lot, and still have a long way to go, to understand what exactly motivates and helps people to develop their digital skills. 204 people have taken on a personalised […]

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Leaders: what don’t you know?

29 Jul 2015 in Writing elsewhere

We’ve spent a number of weeks coaching senior leadership teams who want to do more online. Tim explores the things that often get in the way of great leadership using digital more effectively

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A better website brief

16 Jul 2015 in Writing elsewhere

Steph shares a template for a website development brief, based on what kind of elements help us as a supplier to write a useful proposal

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